Let Us Complain Loudly About Wiley Coyote

Hi! Zoe The Weather Girl, here! We must talk about the weather first then we’ll start complaining about Wiley Coyote and tell you how unfair life has gotten!

Baby, it’s foggy outside!

Let me tell ya, the weeds don’t never give up! Look at ’em! We had 9 inches of snow twice but today it’s supposedly going up to 58 degrees. 58 degrees? Lies, all lies! It’s like 48 degrees, though, which is still pretty warm and everything is truly melty and wet.

We’re all waiting for the gusty Southwesterly winds that are coming. They say 35 to 45 miles per hours winds with gusts up to 55 miles per hours! Good thing the Purrents didn’t put up Christmas decorations outside! The Hooman meteorologist said to take all your stuff down.

Otis alerted Momma to a problem

Currently, it’s just a lot of fog which makes it hard for Momma to see that Wiley Coyote. Yes, this is not good news.

About 1 week and a half ago, Otis got done taking his nap in the big house and wanted to go out so Momma let him out the back which leads to our living quarters in the Barnage. Then, Momma went out the other back door towards the Barnage calling Otis and Otis was just a starin’, starin’, starin’ at somethin’ and he wouldn’t budge. Momma started looking around, too and didn’t straight away see anything so she asked Otis, “Hey, what are you staring at?” And Otis just kept on staring so Momma took another look and this time, her eyes fell on it. It was a darned coyote out on the ice in the marsh. She was very impressed that Otis saw that thing way out there which led her to believe it’s been around for awhile already.

Floki knows that Coyotes are not our friends!

It’s a lurker and it’s ruining our life! We are like prisoners now. We get locked up at 4:00pm and they don’t let us out until 9:00am! We are losing our voices crying to get out from 4pm until 10pm when they go to bed. Then we quit crying because they can’t hear us anyways. Then, when they do let us out for fresh air, Momma follows us around and she ain’t no ballerina so she scares away all of our potential fresh breakfasts. It’s a real BUMMER and a half. Even Mario is hiding and doesn’t come for food anymore but we did see him yesterday. We thought he got killed by the coyote because we hadn’t seen him in about 3 weeks!

Wiley Coyote lurks around in the morning, he lurks around in the evening and he makes a helluva sound in the night. CREEEEEPPPPEEEE! Momma’s finally getting some use out of her rifle shooting into the air to scare the thing off. Surprisingly, we are not scared by her shooting being highly trained in loud noises by PawPaw, the loudest man on earth in voice, power tools, lawnmowers and tractors. The .22 Rifle is not really that loud, comparatively speaking.

We are on very high alert and must be very, very careful!

So, what to do, what to do?

I’m just going to continue reporting the weather for now

Well, that’s all folks!

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

If you love cats and their antics please come visit the Homestead Prowlers on YouTube or Rumble.

11 thoughts on “Let Us Complain Loudly About Wiley Coyote

    1. Exactly! We lock ours up at night, too. We’ve been hearing the whole pack ripping something apart in the back a couple of nights. Since I’ve been shooting in the air when I hear them, I haven’t actually seen any in the past couple of days. Maybe it helps, I’m hoping…

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  1. I am delighted you discovered us at Friendship Friday at Create With Joy.
    I LOVE your beautiful blog, your beautiful photos, your wonderful stories and most of all, your gorgeous cats! Please come back and join us for Inspire Me Monday (goes live Sunday). We need our feline fix! 🙂

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    1. Hi ~ I am sorry but your comment ended up in my spam box which I just discovered that I had a spam box hence my extremely
      late reply. Thank you so much and I shall definitely checkout Inspire Me Monday. We hope you had a wonderful holiday and we hope you have a Happy New Year!


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