It’s Like A Country Song

Hi! Otis Cat here!

Here’s my country song about my Grandma. Cue your own music in your mind:

“My Grandma sold her house and her belongings. All she had left was her Nissan Frontier pick up truck filled to the brim with the last of her carefully chosen possessions and her 13 year old dog. She drove across the ditch from Sault Ste Marie, Canada to Sault Ste Marie, MI and was promptly turned around. She questioned border patrol but was told that, yes, illegals from all over the world can cross at the Southern border and they might have Covid, too, but they are not required to have a negative test or to have the jab. But, you, old vaccinated lady must turn around and remain in Canada. If you want to come to the USA, fly! So, Grandma turned around and got reamed at the Canadian border patrol. “What did you think you were trying to do? Did you put your foot down on American soil? Did you? Are you sure you didn’t, because if you did you will be DETAINED!” Luckily, she didn’t so back to the Sault she went, homeless! We tried to ship her truck to Wisconsin but no can do! She stayed at the Bates Motel for 5 days with her dog (all the hotels were sold out) while she got rid of the last of what she owned and sold her truck! Momma booked the flights for Grandma and the dog. On the day of departure, Friday the 13th, no less, her car service forgot to pick her up! She was to be at the airport 3.5 hours early and she showed up at the check-in counter 45 minutes early. To everyone’s relief they made the flight! The reunion between Mother and daughter was a joy and it is a happy ending so maybe it’s not a country song. Now, what to do about this dog…… Momma calls it the new security division.”

Here is my first encounter with this beast.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

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9 thoughts on “It’s Like A Country Song

  1. Very cute video. I am sorry your Grandma had so much trouble getting to you. That is so unfair that a well documented, vaccinated person could not get through the border.

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    1. Thanks, guys! Yep, they told her straight up that yes that’s happening on the Southern border but the government said no non essential Canadians can drive over so she has to turn around. It also just got extended to September 21st….. We’re glad she made it even though she had to come only with what fit in her suitcase. 😺


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