Hi! Otis here!

Look, there’s an art to enjoying your catnip plants.  You don’t just walk over and start chomping!  In this video, I explain the proper way to destroy the plant for the most enjoyment.

Now, I want ya to know that this here post is purrticipatin’ in Cee’s Flower Of The Day challenge on account of the abundance of catnip leaves that appear in our video. All ya have to do is post a photo of a flower, leaf or berry and, boom, that’s all ya need. Or you can make an all day affair out of it like Momma does. Snappin’ photos, makin’ videos and writin’ a little somethin’ somethin’. Don’t furget to either link your post to Cee’s post (pingback like we did) or add your link in the comments section (of Cee’s post not ours).

We are also purrticipatin’ in Happy Tuesday over at Comedy Plus because it’s very happy over there and this was a mostly happy video until I started feeling woozy.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

If you love cats and their antics please come visit the Homestead Prowlers on YouTube, Rumble or BitChute. We are also on GAB.


  1. You made me laugh out loud. You were moving right along in the beginning of the video and you got slower and slower the more you ingested. I’ve done that very thing. Good one. Your mom did a great job too.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

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