The Dump Helps Create Zen Moments On The Homestead

Hello! Otis here!

When I haven’t been sleeping I’ve been exploring, exploring, exploring. I explore the places I’m familiar with already in case something has changed but I also go exploring places I haven’t spent much time because my mind is very busy ~ all the time. I have also been exploring rain or shine.

Several times I have been caught in rainstorms a little bit too far from home, but, they don’t call me Aqua Cat for nothing. When I hear my name being called, I brave the stormiest of storms to make it home. When I finally slip through the cat door, I am soaked from head to tail and Meowmy tries to dry me off with a towel. Then I warm myself from the woodburning stove but I can barely look at that thing for the terrible memory of burning my toe beans on it.

My toe beans are safe on this spare tire, in fact, I love diggin` my nails in this tire. Feels so good!

Today me, Floki and Fred the Sandhill Crane explored a new item in the back over here where all the animals tend to gather. Meowmy and PawPaw brought it back from the dump. Well, I guess our town is too good to have a dump and the City Administrator was real offended when Meowmy called it the dump. Meowmy was informed that our town does not have a dump, it has a recycling center. We still call it the dump because even though you can bring your recycling there, you also bring your garbage there so it’s a dump. Meowmy likes the more traditional and simplistic term plus it’s fun to say.

“What a DUMP!”

“DUMP it!”

“Do you need to take a DUMP?”

“Let’s go to the DUMP!”

So, PawPaw found this item at the DUMP and drilled some holes at the bottom so whatever goes in it doesn’t go moldy. Including me!

How do I look? I had to tell Floki he needed to come back later because there was not room for both of us. I wanted to practice my yoga moves and just be Zen. I think he was kinda disappointed.

Me practicing my yoga moves, look at that nice back of mine.

Me, being ZEN. Very unusual. If you remember, I have a very active mind.

Once I felt rejuvenated, Meowmy filled the thing up with corn and now…… TA DA! Fred and Wilma the Sandhill Cranes do not have to compete with the geese for their meals!

Now, that’s pretty Zen! The good news is that I can still sit on it when it’s filled with corn, too! Hopefully it doesn’t smell like someone took a dump when Fred and Wilma are eating. That would kinda take away from the ZEN part.

Freddie really likes it, he started using it right away.

Well, Folks, time for me to decide what my next adventure will be!

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

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8 thoughts on “The Dump Helps Create Zen Moments On The Homestead

  1. Your Dad is creative. How kind to help Fred and Wilma. Maybe Barney and Betty will move to your area too. I wish you would stay inside where it is safe and dry. XO

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  2. Ever heard of Dump cake?? LOL, LOL! At least that IS yummy!

    Glad your toesies are doing good, Otis. That was a scary time for you.

    What a find at your local dump…er place to briing unwanteds! One mans trash is another man’s treasure and in this case the crane’s treasure! How cool to have the cranes come that close. They are around here, and in the field across from us, but not that we get to see them uo close. However where *she* works, at the nursing home, sometimes a crane pair will strut by the windows,,,(And later they’ll stroll with their babies); that place is beside a greenbelt area and the cranes love it! And the deer and the coons and the skunks. The residents love to watch all the goings on out there, just like you do, Otis, but sadly they can’t go sniffing their trails…

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