Zoe Cat’s Happy Tuesday Antics

Hi, Zoe here! I’ve been spending a lot of time indoors during the day while Meowmy works in her office. I’m not too much trouble at all but I seem to have moments of pure energy. My moments of pure energy involve wearing out the carpeting on the stairs. I really like the stairs, a lot. There is one corner I’m always particularly interested in, especially since Meowmy would prefer I wasn’t. So, in order to divert my attentions elsewhere, Meowmy brought some of Floki’s toys inside. Now, normally, I’m not really into this type of fakery but since Meowmy pays attention to me while I pretend to be mildly amused, I have found that I kinda do like these toys. In this video, I have lured Meowmy out of her office to play with me.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

If you love cats and their antics please come visit the Homestead Prowlers on YouTube, Rumble or BitChute.

6 thoughts on “Zoe Cat’s Happy Tuesday Antics

  1. Awww, you’re so adorable Zoe. Spending time with mom is fun too. I know she enjoys it and I loved your video and the music was purrfect.

    Have a purrfect Happy Tuesday. My best to your mom. ♥

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