3 Cats On A Ladder And What DA Ya Get?

Top to bottom: Zoe ~ Otis ~ Floki

Happy Valentine’s Day To All Our Furiends!

Hi! Floki here! When we were kittens, Meowmy tried to teach us some things, like a proper Mama Cat.

PawPaw wanted to put our foods up on the counter but we were too small to jump up. Meowmy suggested to put the step ladder in front of the counter. PawPaw poo~poo’d this idea saying kittens can’t climb ladders…. BAAAA HAAAAAA HAAAAAA!

Well, Meowmy put the step ladder in front of the counter and carried each of us over to show us how to climb up. She gently put our front paws on the first step but we didn’t really do anything. She didn’t give up, though. Then she picked each one of us up and put us for a few seconds on each of the two steps, one then two. Then she gave up. Not long after when she turned around I was on the counter and, of course, it didn’t take Zoe and Otis long to figure it out. Quick learners, we are!

A few months later, PawPaw bought this MIGHTY MULTI ladder from Menards. Menards is a store the Hoomans go to and they can buy ladders, tools, carpet and pet doors for making the place nice for us. The MIGHTY MULTI is a handy dandy little ladder AND we love it, too!

I took to sitting on the top a lot because I can see good out of the window into the yard. Otis likes to do what I do, so, he started sitting up there too. THEN, the most shocking part is that Zoe started going up there which is highly out of character for her to climb anything ~ must be the new raw meat diet. Anyways, so PawPaw noticed we looked a bit uncomfortable sitting at the top because there’s an empty space up there.

PawPaw is very attuned to the needs of others and when he noticed we were uncomfortable, he immediately started thinking on how he could make the situation better. Thus, he made carpeted platforms for us to lay down on and we LOVE it!

Otis and Floki

We love it so much we made a video to show you how pawsome it is!

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10 thoughts on “3 Cats On A Ladder And What DA Ya Get?

  1. What an absolutely awesome use of a ladder when it’s not in use as a ladder. I’m not sure I’d be up for climbing that damn thing, and even if I was I’m sure dad would be all like “Cleo, get down from there! You’re gonna get hurt, you old fart!” Oh, and Happy Heart Day!!

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