How To Enjoy Your Zinnias in 2021 ~ FOTD

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge, we are traveling back in time to Zoe Cat’s favorite (and WAY overcrowded) Zinnia patch from the 2020 season. For 2021 in Wisconsin Zone 5, we will remember the following things that we learned from last year:

  1. We will spread the seeds out a lot more so the Zinnias have room to breathe and will be more bushy. Our mistake last year was sprinkling way too many seeds and the plants were moldy and turned brown underneath and also did not have room to grow. 🙀
  2. We will remember that Zinnias like to be cut ~ the more you cut the flowers, the more flowers that will grow AND the more bouquets to display! I was hesitant to cut the flowers last year because I just couldn’t bear to cut them. I enjoyed them so much with all of their color and they attracted so many hummingbirds and butterflies. Once I did get a clue and started cutting them it was amazing the amount of new buds that started to grow. Plenty of flowers for all! 😻

Also, another totally pawsome fact about Zinnias ~ if you have deer in your area, they do not touch them! Zinnias are PURRRRFECT for our garden!

In this video you will see Zoe Cat enjoying her overcrowded Zinnia patch before Meowmy pulled them all out:

Dreaming of spring,

Homestead Prowlers 🐈

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13 thoughts on “How To Enjoy Your Zinnias in 2021 ~ FOTD

    1. You know what? I absolutely have that problem with bee balm. My Mom who lives in Canada has beautiful bee balms and she does not have this issue, not sure what the secret is… I read up on it after my 2019 season and read that they will go moldy and brown if they get too much shade and mine had been in shade in late afternoon. Well, I moved them at the beginning of the 2020 season to pure sunlight all day, no shade! I was so hopeful….. BUT, noooooo. Still had the same problem. It was very wet here though, we had a lot of flooding so maybe the air was holding so much moisture that they like it a little drier? Where are yours located?


  1. Most of mine are in the shady part, facing north…but lots are also on the west side getting a ton of sun. And that area is more open too. Maybe the mold spreads? I love that plant, and I have a red one and a lilac one, both are bad, but the red ones are worse. I would hate to pull them up, but if I do I would just plant hostas, cause that is how much shade there really is there. Its really a wild jungle….and I do not have a lot of time to fix it up. Maybe that will be my major project this year…also there are a lot of lily of the valley in there, which I am slowly getting rid of, due to its invasiveness and toxicity.

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    1. It’s a mystery about the bee balms in the sun. I’ll make that a focus this year to figure it out because it’s one of the few flowering plants that the deer population doesn’t eat. I love, love, love the red. I can never find them in my area because everyone buys them up first thing. I have lily of the valley that pops up on my shady side. I never cared for them that much and I do pull them out but I didn’t realize they were invasive and toxic! Now I don’t feel so bad for pulling them!


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