Skating On The Thin Ice of a New Day

Otis ~ “I ran out onto the thin ice and Mama was very scared but ready to save me if needed. She is thankful I had the good sense to listen to her plea to come back to the muddy shore. In my defense, this is the first time I’ve seen and walked on ice. I was very excited I could run out and investigate new territory where I could only gaze at it from afar up until this moment.”

Have a great Thursday!

Adios Meowchachas & Meowchachos,

Homestead Prowlers ~ Floki, Zoe & Otis

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17 thoughts on “Skating On The Thin Ice of a New Day

    1. Thank you, us too! We have wondered and worried about that, too.. We’ve got the Marsh in the back and Green Bay in front. We see deer go out on the ice in both and haven’t seen or noticed any of them having problems. Actually, they are how I guage if the ice is thick enough for us to walk on. We haven’t heard any stories either from neighbors. I always watch and wonder, too, though. Especially when we’re not sure how thick the ice is. I’m hoping, in general, the older ones kind of know from experience…..


  1. Oh, boy, we have never seen nor been on thin ice, but I must say that occasionally when I miss my cat box but a few inches, I feel as if I’m on thin ice, haha. Just kidding, mama is very forgiving but I would LOVE to feel ice on my paws. What a lovely place you live in.

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    1. MOL! We all miss sometimes. Being on thin ice is not good, for real, very dangerous. Have your Mama put an ice cube on the floor so you can feel how cold it is, too, You most likely won’t like it. Thank you, we are truly lucky to live by so much nature. We are grateful everyday. Have a great Friday!


  2. Well, I’’m trying again to leave a comment as I could’t get my first one to go to you. Thin ice….what a treat to be able to see and feel such a thing. Will you be skating soon? Do you have front and back skates? What a lovely place to live.

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    1. OH, hello again! We did receive your first comment, thank you so much! Yes, we will probably be skating and yes, front and back. I’m sure Mama will capture us skating this winter sometime. Take care!


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