Floki: “Who is Checking Me Out?”

Floki Meets Deer from the Deerski Family

Floki: “Now, just to be clear, I am in tune with the wildlife around here. For the most part, we all respect each other and hang out together while giving each other our personal space.”

“One time, I got into it with another species and I received 3 small puncture wounds on my tummy. My friend, Maria, along with Zoe brought me to the front door of my pawrents where we all sat there until they noticed us and brought me in and took care of me. I had to visit the vet the next day and he gave me some antibioticals and I was fine. After that, I don’t go roaming around as much as I used to and I learned a big lesson!”

“In this short video, Mama, caught the newest member of the Deerski Family checking me out. You can tell by my ears that I am a little wary because I haven’t met this one before but it turns out she was ok. She sniffed me bit and went ’round the corner for her corn breakfast snack.”

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Adios Meowchachas and Meowchachos,

Homestead Prowlers ~ Floki, Zoe & Otis

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