Homestead Cats Visit Vet During Covid-19 Pandemic

Two of our three cats, Floki and Zoe, are due for some shots. They have a 3 year rabies but we had to get their yearly distemper, Feline Leukemia Virus shots and their yearly check up.

Floki and Zoe are doing really well, health-wise, Floki weighs in at 10.7 pounds and Zoe also weighs in at 10.7 pounds. So, Zoe is a little overweight but not too bad. The actual experience of taking them to the vet during this Pandemic was ok, but, we were disappointed that we were not allowed to go in with them. We had to stay in our car. I checked around for another vet in our area to see if they were allowing parents to go in with their pets but they all had the same policy so we stuck with the people we know.

Since our cats spend time outdoors there is a good chance they can run into other cats so we want to protect them from any cats that could be sick with the Feline Leukemia Virus for sure. That might be one shot that indoor cat owners do not get for their cats every year since they are indoors and won’t be in contact with any “strangers”.

Which brings me to the fact that we actually have a 4th cat. Her name is Maria, or if she turns out to be a male then her name will change to Mario. She is super elusive and will not come near us but Floki, Zoe and Otis have befriended her. She comes through the cat door that leads into our Barnage (that’s Bar + Barn + Garage = Barnage) at night for food, warmth, a safe place to sleep and companionship. If we can ever get her to trust us, we would be happy to get her all up to date on her shots and whatever she needs, but for now, we can offer her shelter at night.

Adios Meowchachos & Meowchachas,

Homestead Prowlers (Floki, Zoe, Otis, Mama and Papa)

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